BE THAT WOMAN – Guest Post 

Throughout my travels I always seem to attract people who have a story to share, unbeknownst to me while surfing through Instagram I came across a profile I just couldn’t ignore. 

I never could have dreamt up the story that I’m about to share from a wonderfully inspiring and influential woman. Sade Travers is the author of this next piece and she is nothing less that truly amazing. I’m very proud to say that she more than willingly wrote a piece to contribute to The Basic Bish and it is my pleasure to share this with you. 

Thank you Sade, your words are so motivating and captivating. My greatest gratitude goes to you for sharing your story.

Guest post by Sade Travers of “Be That Woman”

“When I was younger I knew I wanted to help people, I wanted to be the person that I needed when I was younger and trying to figure my life out. I had huge dreams and ambitions and I didn’t know how to get to where I wanted to be.

As a fitness trainer I spent a lot of my time talking to women and listening to the things they say about their dreams and about their desires. Also about their aspirations for having the perfect life, the perfect body, and the happiest life. I found I was offering a lot of advice which my clients and friends found very useful- from there it all kind of just evolved.

I had the talent for sharing my advice that women could relate to, because I just “got it”, I understood on a deep level what they were trying to say, and what they needed to here. I am very intuitive in nature so I think that plays in my favour.

I spent years working on myself after that, discovering who I wanted to be and what I was going to do with this desire of helping women. I have read hundreds of books, invested money on self-development programs and grown as a person through my own life experiences.

Last year when I was 26 I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, which is a cancer of the lymphatic system. It took me and my entire world by surprise- as you can imagine! Funnily enough it threw me deeper into the depths of self-discovery through the process, which enabled me to see how strong and powerful I really was. I used the power of positive thinking as well as allowing as much love into my life to help me get through what was the toughest time of my life.

I created a blog ( to provide support and love to those around the world who were going through the same thing and give them a literal shoulder to lean on. From here my love of writing was formed and I had email after email of people telling me they were moved by what I wrote and even though some of them did not have cancer they found something compelling in my writing- this motivated me even more to share my message.

I came up with Be That Woman near the end of my cancer journey- something that I knew I needed in my life to give me purpose. It was a dream I had, which I actioned on and turned it into a reality!

The message of Be That Woman is all about empowering women to live life boldly and to love boldly- both themselves and others. It’s all about banishing the self-doubt and just going for it!

Creating Be That Woman has given me a chance to express the real me, to share the vulnerable sides of me to allow me to show up in the world more authentically. To have had to trust my decisions and to push myself further into love and life than I ever thought possible. I do not want to die with my message still inside me- that I know to be true.

I have faced challenges while on this journey, most of which have been created by myself. My self-doubt and the lack of faith I have in myself has sometimes left me feeling very vulnerable about sharing the deepest parts of me. But, I always need to remind myself that there is someone out there who NEEDS to hear what I have to say- and that is why I keep going.

I want to be the example that anyone can change the world, that anyone can make a HUGE difference in so many people’s lives- just by being you.”




Harry Chaos Clothing Guest Post

What an amazing week this has been, although it’s been very hectic at work I have had some of the greatest support from people that inspire me on a daily basis. 

The following guest post is from Harry Chaos Clothing, an Australian made brand with to die for apparel. Sean, the creator for Harry Chaos is such inspiration to me because of the way you can see his passions for life through his brand and photos. 

Sean, I am so gracious for your contribution to the blog and our flourishing friendship through the process. Thank you for your spreading positive vibes with The Basic Bish! 

I asked Sean to write about what he is passionate about, here’s his inspiring piece:


 My name is Sean Anderson, creator of Harry Chaos Clothing. An Aussie made lifestyle brand from Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

I grew up in a rural town (Ballarat, Victoria) with my parents and two brothers.
We didn’t exactly have a lot of money growing up, but our family was much richer in other aspects of our lives.

We got to spend a lot of time with each other on family holidays. Going to places like the Murray River, Nelson Bay and Portland, mainly to see family a few times a year. We also played a lot of sport, which our parents were always there.

Needless to say we had a rad child hood, and as you grow older you come to realize that family out weighs money, any day of the week. I’m more than grateful for life our parents gave us.

The one thing I hated most about not having much money was “HAND ME DOWN CLOTHES” HAHA! I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there that know what it’s like to run second hand clothes from their older siblings! 

So one day when I was around the age of 15, my Mum took me to the local skate/surf shop to get some new t-shirts, I was stoked. But, being a skinny kid I struggled to find a good tee that fit me the way I wanted it too, I’m very picky when it comes to clothes. I remember standing in the shop looking around thinking “how good would it be to have my own clothing label”

Something I can create for myself that i’d actually like to wear. It was a dream!

When I finished school I also wanted to be a graphic designer, but I was terrible at learning. If I wasn’t excited about it, and couldn’t concentrate, my mind would always wonder.
By the time I finished school, I got an enter score of 21, which was too low to get into graphic design…..shit!!

I was stuck and didn’t know what to do, so I took the easy way out and became a tradesman. Terrible idea!

So after 12 years of being a plasterer, I bit the bullet and created

‘Harry Chaos Clothing’ something I had dreamt about for half my life. I had no idea how to start or run a company, but I just had to start. 

All day, everyday I think about how I can better my brand and my future, I love it! Being able to creat on a daily basis, and getting people tell me they love my brand is an amazing feeling. I’m just a disappointed in myself for not making it happen sooner, but I never regret the past, it is what it is!
I could go on forever about my brand and my dreams, but that would take way too long.

The moral of this story, if you have a dream, don’t wait for it to happen. You have to go out and make it happen, do what it takes to see that dream come alive. Start today, don’t waist another moment.

As the old saying goes “TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN”

Sean Anderson