Why you so basic?

Have you ventured off away from your parents? 

You’re living on your own on a student on early 20s budget, so you’re probably rooming with your buddies. You think it’s gonna be all glitz and glam, or the bachelor pad sorta deal. 

Right…. Good luck with that. 

Dear roommate:

Have you ever sauntered into the kitchen and wondered where all your dirty dishes went? We have this extraordinary piece of machinery my mom calls a dishwasher, she didn’t name me after it so I’m wondering why it’s so hard to get those nasty plates into this piece of equipment. 

Ever wonder where your lost socks go? You’d never find them because you seem to have an allergy to the trash receptacle. 

I love how you claim the living room when there are other people living in this apartment. I must admit I always wanted to learn the basics of being a maid just in case I couldn’t find any other career. 

I hate to break it to you, but your mom doesn’t live here and I definitely don’t like cleaning up after you. If I wanted to pick up after someone all day I’d have a child. 

My most sarcastic of wishes,

Your roommate. 




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