To all the ladies…

Dear women that choose to post photos on social media barely clothed…..

My husband may enjoy your photos, his friends as well. Hell I may even enjoy your photos, but is it really a good self portrayal of yourself?

There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your body, don’t get me wrong. Posting erotic photos of yourself on the internet means you’re sharing your body with the world. You may think your friends list is “private” but those so called “private” photos are only private to those with whom you share them with. If those people decide to save them, send them, repost them, etc…. well that’s up to them. 

I’m happy you’re proud of your body, I’m excited you feel so confident, but these things should be so personal to you that you should only want to share your body with the man whom you’re intimate with. 

Speaking as a woman, I don’t care what my husband looks at because I know they’re only photos. I’m the woman he sleeps beside every night, I’m the woman he married. I know in my heart of hearts that I’m the only one for him and he’s the only one for me. 

So what I want to know is…. who is it you want to see these photos? What action is it that you want them to take? I’ve seen friends post inappropriate photos and all I can do is wonder what your significant other thinks of this. Do you really desire attention THAT much? Are you trying to form a fan club or start a business on backpage? Or… are you really just that desperate? 

I believe in empowerment and embracing other women, I tell women they’re pretty all the time. There’s no need for petty remarks or calling another woman a skank, all I ask is to have self confidence and respect for yourself so you don’t feel like this is necessary. 

If you’re truly trying to show your confidence as a woman with real curves and real flaws, all the power to you. You’re proving women are REAL, we are not all a size 2 and we don’t all have a thigh gap, amen to that! If you’re just trying to show off your collar bones and stick figure legs to tell the world about your Pepsi habit…think twice. My word of advice, you just look desperate and you’ll find yourself attracting the wrong kind of attention. 




One thought on “To all the ladies…

  1. Chris Lindsay says:

    Great quote: ” you should only want to share your body with the man whom you’re intimate with.”

    I think one reason women post erotic photos of themselves is because it increases their self-esteem. If you look great, and people see you, it is naturally esteem building. However, in analyzing one’s actions, we must look at more than intentions. It is important to consider the effects of our actions on others.

    I wrote a short post (500 words) called “Calling a Woman a Skank.” If you would like to read it, I am open to any feedback:

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