Just a small town girl. 

Living in a lonely world? Absolutely, you can call it Cheyenne Wyoming. 

If you’re not Air Force, you barely belong here. You can be the best bartender with people asking for you night after night, or you can be the Canadian girl sitting here time after time. 

It’s all the same. You’re here or you’re not. You can be basic, or you can live anywhere but here. If you live here you’re basic, and that’s it. 

I can work for minimum wage all day everyday if I want to, or I can decide my life means more than that. Here, not so much. It’s few and far between you meet anyone who is willing to take life for what it is. 

This place is hell on earth, but cold. The wind blows more often than the prostitutes in New York City. The people here deserve their own blog post. I’ll get into that on the next one. Friend or foe, you’ll surely know. 

Spellcheck is a privilege Canada, apparently they don’t have that in the small town of Cheyenne. Businesses literally print posters and banners to publicize their events but seem to misspell “during” by adding an extra”r.” The best part is how a radio station can misspell broadcast….. seriously? There has always been an “a” in the word, AND you’re a RADIO station. 

I may be from a big city but I am far from a metropolitan princess. The fact that people here find it acceptable to call me a “hozer” due to the fact that I’m Canadian is repulsive. Isn’t it the “true north strong and free?” I’m still from North America, although Canada is looking better and better everyday. 

It’s hard enough to live in a new country but to have “friends” that neglect to make plans with you or leave the bar without even telling you is total bullshit. 

Friends are hard to find and harder to keep, I’m still trying to figure out if it’s even worth making friends in a place like this. 

Missing home more than ever. 




50 Shades of Cray. 

Recently I’ve been a little down. It’s hard to be so far away from my friends and family all the time and it’s even harder when I can’t work here for another month or two. 

I’ve met some new friends here, some of which are good company for a beer or two, while others are good company when you’re bored on a Tuesday evening. 

New friends mean a lot of new things. You have to get to know one another, try out things the other person likes to do, see what each other is like when you’re drunk AND when you’re sober. 

I’ve come to realize that some people are meant to be in your life and others simply just do not have a place. It’s not always apparent from the beginning, sometimes it takes awhile to see someone’s true colors but eventually they always show. 

One of the worst things I think a friend can do is speak before they listen. I can only forgive so many times for the same actions. 

People always have a lot to say. The biggest communication problem is that we do not listen to understand, we listen to reply. 

Take time to assess a situation before you react, it’s always worth it.