Immigrating for love. 

No one said it was going to be easy, who would have known that I’d go through all the trials and tribulations I’ve endured to be with the one I love. 

I’m not saying it isn’t worth it or that I would ever regret enduring the obstacles that life has put infront of myself and my husband, it’s just difficult at times. 

It’s hard to explain the homesick feeling that overwhelms me at times, or the frustrations I deal with on a daily basis. I miss those closest to me, the immigration process is difficult and prevents me from doing much more than house work. It’s hard not to feel like an outsider when you just don’t fit in. 

People complain about their jobs all the time, I know I certainly have in the past. I can honestly say I never thought I’d be jealous of others working, I want nothing more than to contribute to my household and feel useful. 

Those who have never moved countries would have no idea the difficulties and frustrations one feels through the lengthy process, I know I never did until now. 

So I sit, day after day waiting for the letter to arrive so I can feel normal again. 




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