My wanderlust nature has brought me many exciting and exhilarating experiences over the years, but none quite like the last. 

Not only did I move to another country, I met the love of my life and married him 27 days later, but not before we went through hell and high water together. 

I’ll elaborate. 

While traveling the United States promoting positivity and sharing inspirational stories, I came across two appraisers from “Antiques Roadshow” whom I have posted a piece on previously. I happened to be traveling around Wyoming, and ended up in a quaint little place called Cheyenne. 

This is where I met Kyle, the love of my life. Our love story is my favorite, although untraditional and full of stories I can barely fathom myself, it’s ours. 

I thoroughly enjoyed being in Cheyenne, to the extent that I wanted to extend my stay. It reminded me of home although on a much smaller scale. The town is very western themed, the people were friendly, lots of cowboy themed art, and they even have their own version of the Calgary Stampede. I was curious, I wanted to see more and adventure around town, so I decided to stay for a week and be a tourist. 

It was a Monday night, I went to a popular bar in town which I had discovered a few days prior. I sat at the bar and made small talk with the bartender while I consumed a few beverages and chatted with other patrons. I suppose I didn’t think much of it at the time but looking back I can pinpoint the importance of those conversations. I had a gut feeling that I was truly where I was meant to be in those few hours at the bar, I felt different, I felt what home is supposed to feel like. I don’t believe that home is materialistic, I believe it’s a feeling that you get when all the things about your current situation align with your true path. 

As you may have already assumed, I’m very outgoing and friendly and I enjoy meeting new people, I’m not shy, timid, or afraid to speak my mind. So I spontaneously asked the bartender for his phone number, texted him “I love you” and then proceeded to kiss him and run out the front entrance. 

The next day I showed up to the bar at 11 am as this bartender had mentioned he was doing inventory and would be there all day. I sat next to him while he did the paperwork for inventory, we held hands, kissed, and talked about nothing all day long. Eventually he was finished with his paperwork so we had some drinks, hung out with his friends, and stayed up all night talking. We were inseparable. He asked me to marry him and move to Cheyenne to start our lives together. That gut feeling I had the night before still to this day resonates within me. We just knew, it was meant to be. 

The following day I began my long drive back to Canada, I was already a day late for work but I wasn’t worried about it at all. I had just met the love of my life and I was headed home to work for a few weeks so I could set off on my journey back to him. That’s exactly what I did. 

A few weeks passed, I saved some money, packed my car as full as I could, put the dog in and away we went at 6am. I should have been in Cheyenne 16 hours later, however that wasn’t quite the case. I’d put my fiancé and family through some pretty stressful and scary situations before I made it to Cheyenne the following Monday night…

To be continued.

Love & Light,