Kindness & Karma 

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This statement speaks volumes to how I hold such high regard to my actions toward others, as it may seem very basic it’s also very true. 

I do believe karma is very real because I have seen it with my own eyes, both in positive and negative aspects. I believe that being able to assess all situations and people promptly in addition to making the conscious choice to handle them accordingly is an indubitable trait that not everyone has acquired or has the ability to. 

I say this because what you give truly is what you get. It may not be apparent at that exact moment or even apply to that specific situation, however it always comes back to you in one way or another. I firmly stand by my opinion on this matter because it not affects myself as an individual but also the others around me. The simple gesture of asking how someone’s day is going can be life altering to someone and you’d never know. Just as no one will ever be able to comprehend your situation or the internal struggle you may be battling, you won’t be able to understand anyone else’s. Some of us are very good at suppressing our thoughts and feelings, myself included. 

Behind every sweet smile there is a bitter sadness that no one can ever see or feel. 

I have to acknowledge these small gestures I have made over the years, although many times when they’re not reciprocated I will admit I have thought twice about continuing to behave in this manner. It can be disheartening to treat others with kindness only for them to treat you with disrespect or insignificance. I’ll never be able to come to a conclusion as to why some individuals feel as though they are better than others, as though we are all merely servants in their fairytale world of existence. That one is surely beyond me and to be frank, I really couldn’t be bothered to find out. 

My life has had its ups and downs, sometimes I wonder how I manage to deal with some of the crazy things that come my way, however through all the bullshit always comes a positive outcome. At times I’m curious as to what lesson I’m supposed to be grasping or why it was necessary to be given such hardships to learn from, but in the end it all comes together. 

Gratitude must be given for my ability to mask my internal challenges and persevere through life’s daily trials and tribulations. I feel very lucky to have the ability to push my personal issues aside and tackle the day in a positive manner, for that has brought me great lengths in my career thus far. Without that trait I can honestly say I don’t know where I would be but it wouldn’t be ideal whatsoever. 

It’s interesting how someone’s personality and presence alone can attract others and create opportunities. I recently encountered a situation like this, few words were spoken but the outcome was extraordinary. Who would have thought that my mere presence and a small exchange of chit chat could lead to the opportunity of a lifetime. That is exactly what happened. Thank you karma. 




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