Be kind please rewind. 

Today I had the unfortunate experience of learning just how repulsive and dissapointing people really are. My perspective on people has been changed indefinitely and I have a better understanding of why people these days are so closed off, self centred, and selfish. 

Paying it forward is a great example. 

I decided to do something kind for a client of mine a few weeks ago. The reactions I got from people I interacted with today while I did my act of kindness was disturbing to say the least. 

Long story short, the client lives in the next province over so it’s difficult for him to service his vehicle as there isn’t a dealer of this sort one near him. I happened to take the call a few weeks back when he was booking his service appointment and he had mentioned a vacation he was going on. We chatted about his trip while I booked his appointment and we happened to discuss the plan to execute how he could drop off his vehicle and get to the airport. He would be driving 4+ hours to get to my city so he would only be able to drop off his vehicle on a Sunday when the dealership is closed and he would have to take a cab across the city to get to the airport. Not only that, he would have to do the same thing to pick it up the following Sunday. 

My mind raced as I threw out various ideas and potential possibilities such as having us valet his car to a friends house. The problem was he would still have to take a long cab ride and he doesn’t know anyone here. Suddenly a brilliant yet odd idea came to me. I offered to personally pick up his vehicle at the airport with his permission and I would leave my own car in its place. He was obviously shocked I would offer such a thing but I whole heartedly had no problem helping out. He accepted graciously and we concocted a plan together to execute the idea. Sunday I would pick up the keys he left at the front desk of the airport hotel, locate his vehicle in the parkade with his assistance of exact location and claim check number to retrieve the keys. I would then take his vehicle home, drive it to work in the morning, have it serviced, and when complete I would take it back to the airport, retrieve my vehicle and leave the keys at the hotel front desk again ensuring to send him a photo via text of the new claim check number. 

I do realize this is not something typically offered by a car dealership, and it certainly goes far beyond my call of duty. That being said, I also acknowledge the fulfilling feeling I have when I do something nice for someone and I embrace the idea of paying it forward. I made that offer on my own I’ve never met this client nor do I know who he is, I just wanted to do something nice. I commute from a great distance every morning to go to work and although the airport isn’t next door, it’s only 20 mins for me to get there and it’s no skin off my back. He was very grateful for this so I didn’t mind one bit. 

The reaction I got from people including my own family was very appalling. I was asked if the client was paying me, why I would do that, if work had made me, if the client had demanded this, and then some. I’m sure the blank and confused expression combined with my jaw unhinging as it hit the floor said it all. I was at a loss for words, you may not know me but that never happens. I have more words to speak than most families and my “two cents” is generally a dollar. 

Is this really reality? I still can’t believe people couldn’t understand why I would do this. I actually had people call me crazy for it. Now I understand why people don’t bother to do anything nice and they’re selfish instead of selfless. The negativity I received for this was overwhelming but it will not change my actions in the future. I get great joy out of doing things for others and I will continue to pay it forward regardless of other people’s opinions.

I would never ask someone to pay it forward or perform a random act of kindness, that is a personal choice not an expectation. What I do ask is that if you don’t personally want to pay it forward please do not tear down those who do. Just because you have made the choice to be selfish doesn’t mean those who have chosen to be selfless should be shunned for it. 

Be kind, please rewind so you can take a step back and analyze before judging someone for their kind heart. 




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