Evelor Savior Guest Post

To my jaw dropping surprise I had the priveledge of communicating with an amazing and inspirational woman named Evelor Savior this past week. Not only is she a Musician and Entrepreneur, she is also a TV Host and one of my biggest role models. 

When I approached Evelor to write a piece for The Basic Bish I honestly did not expect a reply, let alone the kind of response I got. She was so down to earth, gracious, and honoured I had approached her it was heart warming. To have someone like her want to be part of the movement of positivity I am trying to create was a feeling like no other. 

Evelor, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your contribution to The Basic Bish. Your words come from the soul and are very moving and inspirational. 

How to Truly LOVE Who You Are! 

By Evelor Savior 

“Greater self-love automatically generates greater love for others. When you’re not being resentful for neglecting yourself, it’s so much better for all of us and the planet. Be authentic to your needs and who you are honey; it’s super sexy.” -Evelor Savior

Sometimes we may be so focused on catering to societies’ expectations of us that we forget the fact that we are the number one person who need to show the greatest love and compassion to ourselves first. The moment we start paying attention to the way we’re truly treating ourselves and to how we think about ourselves, that’s when the shift into a greater love-filled life begins. There are three most common ways we tend to belittle ourselves:
1) Criticizing our physical body

Let’s pretend that our face, stomach, and legs have feelings of their own. How do we think they’d FEEL when we throw judgments at them such as: “You’re distorted, why are you not proportionate?, You’re fat, ugly, and definitely not toned. Why can’t you look like so-and-so’s body shape, etc…?” They would feel pretty sad and unloved, right? Plus, not feeling good about ourselves, especially for long periods of time, directly affects our health. It is in our best interest to offer kinder words and perception to our body as it is a magical vehicle that allows our Soul to experience physical life on planet Earth.

2) Criticizing our abilities

How many times do we go on Facebook, Instagram, or some form of social media to see our friends posting photos of their amazing achievements and fun life adventures and then felt bad about ourselves because we feel that our own life doesn’t look as great? We might beat ourselves up for not doing enough, for not getting rich fast enough, for not having as much resources as other people do, for (fill in the blank). The question is, what month, day, year, and time will we start being our greatest lover and fan? When will we recognize the sacredness of our personal life’s journey and how everything is unfolding for us with profound purpose? When will we consciously become the CEO of our happiness and witness with gratitude all the blessings that we have been given and are continuing to receive? That time will surely arrive as soon as we want it to.

3) Refusing to forgive ourselves

It can be so easy to forgive other people; yet when it comes to forgiving ourselves, we tend to say: “How could I? I should have known better; it’s all my fault, I deserve to be punished; I deserve to struggle and suffer before I can know true joy and happiness again…etc” Let’s do something, think of the Sun rising in the sky every morning. See it clearly in your mind. Does the Sun ever say: “Ok, Mr. Jack did something bad yesterday, therefore I will not shine over his house today. And Ms. Paula cheated on her husband, therefore no Sun rays shall shine over her house for five years?” Now, think of a new born baby who simply loves everyone regardless of anyone’s past history or “mistakes list”. Take a moment to FEEL what it feels like to be loved unconditionally -just as you are. Now, do the same for yourself day in day out. 

As we review our habitual behaviors and our way of thinking about ourselves, here are some practical steps we can take this week to nourish our lives with greater self-love and compassion and therefore uplifting everyone around us in the process.

1) Write a heartfelt love letter to yourself on a fancy paper and frame it. Hang it in your home where it will be the most visible to you.

2) Have a “Why I Love Myself” get-together with your close friends. In your own way, invite everyone to hold an attitude of appreciation, nurturing, and of seeing the beauty within each person without judgments. Then, do a round-robin where each person gets to openly share why he or she loves himself or herself. Celebrate each other; have some finger foods for everyone or share a yummy potluck afterwards.

3) Appoint yourself as your TPO (Thought Police Officer) and monitor closely how you’re thinking about yourself, your body, and your abilities most of the time. Ask yourself: “Is this thought I’m having right now honoring the compassion, love and respect I deserve? If the answer is no, let the thought go and mentally say this command to your inner-Self: “Cancel. Clear. Delete. Now magnify love.”

4) Say “I Love You (Insert your name)” to yourself way more often. Take a self-love break during the day just to hug yourself and kiss your shoulders or your hands. Yes it might feel silly at first. You learning to admire yourself and vibrating more love into the Planet is more important tough. 

Thank you for your commitment to helping all of us experience paradise on Earth by always being true to ourselves. Reading this article and feeling inspired is one thing; putting into practice the tips that it provides is where the magic happens. May your choices continue to add greater love, joy, and compassion to yourself and the world. We all believe in YOU!

Copyrights 2015 by Yveslaure Faure Mardy, publicly know as Evelor Savior. 

Evelor Savior became aware of her intuitive ability to hear and interact with Angels, Star Beings, and Spirit Guides at the age of six years old, few years after both of parents transitioned. Overcoming a near-death experience in New York ignited her passion of using her spiritual gifts to help people easily create the joyful life, relationships, and career experiences they desire. She is also a TV Host, multi-lingual musician, Reiki Master, Certified Past-life Healer by Dr. Doreen Virtue, author of three books, and creator of the Self-Love Wizardry home training program. Discover more at http://www.EvelorSavior.com 


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