Dignity Bags Guest Post

As you can see, lately I have been posting guest pieces that I have been so graciously blessed with. The piece I am going to be sharing with you tonight is nothing short of amazing. 

I stumbled upon an Instagram profile recently that I just couldn’t ignore. The selflessness and good hearted spirit this woman possesses is absolutely unfathomable. She has a name, it’s Lolly Galvin and she’s doing her part not only to inspire other people by her actions but also to help the people who need it most. I’ll let her do the honours of explaining her story and what she’s doing to make her mark on this world because there is no way I could assemble the right words to do it justice. 

I asked Lolly to write about her experience, her project, and how it makes her feel. This is what Lolly sent me, nothing short of inspiring to say the least!

Dignity Bags: 

A little over a month ago, I discovered the live-streaming app, periscope. I downloaded it and tuned into different people from around the world broadcasting from their living rooms, the beach, or from a night out at the bar. Later that day I did a broadcast. During my first broadcast I had a ton of viewers, and thought maybe I could use this app as a platform to do random acts of kindness.  

My plan became to start a gofundme account and tell strangers who tuned into my broadcast what I planned on doing. I set the goal at $500 and did not honestly think I would reach it.  After all, why would strangers give me money? How would they trust someone they didn’t know to follow through on their promise to give to others. The donations came in slowly at first. I remember being absolutely thrilled at being halfway there. Looking at that $250 dollars had me thinking maybe people are more willing to give then we give them credit for.  
Within three days, I had reached the goal. After reaching the goal, I decided to do the first act of kindness. I walked the streets of Philadelphia looking for a homeless person with the intention of taking them out to lunch. Feeling both nervous and awkward, I leaned down next to a man on Broad Street. “Would you like to go to lunch with me?” I said leaning down at his side. Our lunch was both easy and enjoyable. He shared his struggles, passion, and his life.  
Through sharing his story, more and more people got involved. Dignity Bags have become a movement spreading to LA, Vermont, Florida, and Maryland. It’s a beautiful thing to see humanity coming together. My biggest belief is that humans are wired to help each other. Once we all realize we’re in this together, our lives will drastically change. My hope is to shine light on this fact.
This morning we reached $2,000 so I made a bold decision to increase the goal to $5,000. If I reach the goal I will live in an RV for 2 weeks and travel the United States handing out Dignity Bags to the homeless. I’ll share their stories, and ask people who follow me on social media to join in. I cannot imagine the amount of impact this journey could make. 
I’ve learned so many things from spending time with the homeless. I’ve learned that they’re quite similar to me. I’m an outgoing person, I talk to people from all different walks of life but I realized at 31 years old I have never carried out a conversation with a homeless person. I felt ashamed, but also curious about why. The stigma is so real, it affected me without my knowledge.   

Overall, we’re lucky for the things we complain about. Being cold, tired, or hungry momentarily is a daily struggle. for these people. My heart feels the pain every time they smile in excitement over a bar of soap. However, it encourages me to keep on giving because no one deserves to be invisible. We’re all in this together, and this experience has taught me how true this statement is.  

Guest post courtesy of:

Lolly Galvin 

Instagram: @iamlollygalvin 

To support Lolly on her heart warming quest to help humanity please visit Lolly’s GoFundMe page:




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