Time. A measurement, a way of keeping schedule, a memory of an event from the past, that thing that prevents you from showing up for a flight whenever you feel like it. 

The world needs time don’t get me wrong, but it is not an excuse. Timing isn’t everything. If it really was everything I believe your birth certificate would include a time of death so you could schedule your life accordingly. 

Let’s be real about this. A watch used to tell people the time, now it’s a fashion accessory. How many of us have a watch on and still look at our cell phone for the time? A watch is a statement to some, if it wasn’t why would anyone buy a Michael Kors watch for 350$ instead of one at Walmart for 10$ they do the exact same thing. The minutes don’t move any faster or slower on a more expensive one and I can honestly say my watch has read the same time for months, last  I checked I wasn’t frozen or driving my delorean. 

Time also cannot heal wounds, if it did this there would be a setting on your oven, phone, and computer. My phone didn’t come with an app that I could set to heal a broken heart, or mourn the loss of a loved one. People decide how long those things take, it’s not the minutes that have gone by, it’s the things we occupy our mind with. 

I can’t schedule my life around the remaining minutes I have left, but I can arrive at Starbucks when it opens. I will no longer accept the excuse “it was just bad timing.” If you find the love of your life, you’ll prioritize your schedule to include them in your life, if you don’t you shouldn’t be upset when you decide it’s convenient for you and they’re with someone else. If your boss tells you to be at work at 8 but you like to sleep until noon, you’ll change your schedule or lose the job. 

Although an hour is always 60 minutes when you look back it seems like it flew by. Make your dreams come true, get the girl, take that vacation you always wanted to, see the things you want to see. Be happy and live for today because you never know when your time is up. 




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