The rythym of my heartbeat. 

I’ve expressed my love for one of my passions, however I have not mentioned the other. 

There are times when words do not justify the emotions I feel from beneath the layers of skin I have been graced with. Times exist when rhythm seems to prevail any words Webster has defined. Music is the only way to express the feelings and emotions from within.  

For years I have let music in deeper than any person, thought, or experience in life. I am forever grateful for those beats per minute, or music notes. For music can speak louder than any note Mariah can sing, or softer than the sound of a feather floating throughout the skies. 

Music makes memories, it is such a beautiful aspect than can be relative to anyone regardless of language barriers. 

What does the beat of your heart sing? 

Today the beat of my hearts sings for love, success, and finding my one true sense of being. I get so lost living, sometimes I forget to listen. 



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